Has this past year been a struggle?

Keeping your teenagers motivated and engaged these last few months may have been hard. 

  • Making connections with kids their own age

  • Finding new ways to learn outside the classroom

  • Accomplishing something they can be proud of


JuniorMBA graduates


Business Plans pitched


Tech Prototypes built




"With summer camps closed, the JuniorMBA came to our rescue!"


Helping our children connect - to new ideas, people, and ways of thinking - is what parenting is all about. It’s up to us to point them in the right direction.


Learning how to be a better problem-solver will only make their lives easier - and more rewarding!


Our online courses are designed with this in mind: every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Just watch what happens during these two weeks!

Benefits of the JuniorMBA

Getting to know what running a business is like

Improved logical reasoning skills

Get inspired to dream big!


Understand what adults do at work

Become a better critical thinker

Learn to plan and budget like a boss

Pick the Right Course for Your Child

Imagine working on Target's business strategy in the wake of Amazon's acquisition of Wholefoods. As students grapple with the decisions a business leader must make, they improve their own personal decision making and become a potential entrepreneur!

A 2-Week Online Program for Entrepreneurship Skills





GrubHub asks you to create a solution that will automate online ordering for families. As you learn to think like a Chief Technology Officer, you learn how algorithms and new-age technologies can solve real business challenges!

A 2-Week Online Program for Technology in Business






Successful Development Takes a Team

2 weeks x 1 hour a day in small groups

Students work in teams on a collaborative project

Day 10 is Pitch Day! 

Unlock Certification and proceed to participate in the Online Innovation Summit

Sign up now to give your child the connections they want, the advantages they need, and the opportunity to do something big!

(Summer 2021 Schedule will be published soon)

Grades 7 & 8

Grades 9 & 10

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Our Instructors

Competent, professional and friendly

Becoming a CleverHarvey facilitator involves a rigorous selection process. Successful applicants are typically educated at the post-graduate level and have several years of teaching experience in the relevant age group before undergoing training to deliver CleverHarvey's programming. Several of them have taught at international schools.


A combination of working professionals and trained teachers, the one characteristic they all have in common (apart from competence) is their friendliness. Students often describe our facilitators as 'chill' - which is arguably the highest accolade one can aspire to in the teaching world!

The Curriculum

Developed and brought to you by alumni of

Brown University

UC San Francisco

Columbia University


CleverHarvey's proprietary curriculum is based on project-based learning principles and is developed with inputs from academic advisors and industry experts.
The CleverHarvey curriculum uses a "C-C-C" approach: our facilitators use case studies to bring to life the key concepts of an MBA which students then apply to a challenge.
The relatable examples help even middle-school students grapple with complex ideas and the project-based approach allows them to demonstrate their understanding through direct application.

Program Costs

You can reserve your spot once the payment is completed.


27 July - 7 August


10 hours


27 July - 7 August


10 hours

Alumni Voice

"The class was fun and educational. We learned about other positions that CEO oversees: CTO – Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. I learned about variable and fixed costs and how Uber was shut down in Britain when competing with black cabs. Uber was much less expensive because it’s a technology company - has variable costs (the drivers) and fixed costs are small (developers). This class made me think I was the CEO and I give the class a high rating."

Max K, Burlington, MA 

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