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An Online Program for Entrepreneurship Skills

Imagine working on Target's business strategy in the wake of Amazon's acquisition of Wholefoods. As students grapple with the decisions a business leader must make, they improve their own personal decision making and become a potential entrepreneur!

The Challenge

Zero-to-one: create and pitch a business plan to potential investors!

Topics covered

  • Value proposition

  • Market sizing

  • Unit economics

  • Business models

  • Pitching to investors


  • Improved decision making and budgeting skills

  • Ability to identify opportunity

  • Teamwork and collaboration


  • JuniorCEO - Ivy League Faculty Certificate

  • A real world business idea to work on!

GrubHub asks you to create a solution that will automate dining orders for families. As you learn to think like a Chief Technology Officer, you learn how algorithms and new-age technologies can solve real business challenges!

The Challenge

Developing and prototyping a tech solution to a business problem (no coding required)

Topics covered

  • Algorithms

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Human-computer interfaces 

  • Web apps


  • Understanding emerging technologies and how to use them

  • Analytical mindset

  • Innovation and problem solving


  • JuniorCTO - Ivy League Faculty Certificate

  • A real world business idea to work on!



An Online Program for Technology in Business

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